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5 tips to recover from rotator cuff surgery

The shoulder plays a significant role in the arm’s mobility. Frequent pressure placed on the muscles, bones, and soft tissues that comprise this upper arm component makes the shoulder susceptible to injury. A common injury is a torn rotator...read more


Dislocated and separated shoulder

Dislocated and separated shoulders are two separate physical conditions that cause significant pain and mobility struggles in affected individuals. Dr. Thomas Hackett specializes in shoulder, knee, and elbow problems. He serves patients in and around the Vail and Frisco,...read more

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Extreme Sports Medical Doctor

Any form of athletic activity, whether it be exercise, team or professional sports, or extreme sports, carries the risk of injury. It’s important to understand that even the most minor injury can often progress into a major problem without...read more


Is a reconstructed ACL stronger than the original

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is part of a ligament set that supports and stabilizes the knee joint. When the ACL is torn, it will not heal properly without surgical intervention. Some choose to move forward without the use of...read more


Recovery from ACL Surgery

If you participate in physically active sports, you may already know that knee injuries are common. In particular, an anterior cruciate ligament tear is especially common and often requires ACL surgery to reconstruct that portion of the knee. In most cases, the...read more


Can you tear your ACL again after surgery?

An ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament injury) can cause an athlete’s knee to either give out or feel unstable when they make certain movements, such as pivoting on a leg. Unfortunately, this kind of injury is all too common...read more

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