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Patient Testimonials

Thank you for taking such great care of me after my Dec. 8th ski accident. After 3 months nonweightbearing and daily physical therapy, I’m painfree in NYC with my walker! More good news is that I graduate to a cane soon. My extension is 5-10 and flexion is 85 degrees. My Dr. at Hospital of Special Surgery is very impressed with the recovery as well as the surgery but the fact that you called him personally to discuss my case and care was what stood out the most. He was also stunned by the extent of damage I incurred as shown in your 3D imagery from my non-impressive fall 😉 The Pt you recommended, precision PT, in Syosset was amazing! Now I’ve finally moved home so I am at HSS PT in the city 3 times a week. From the very first time I met you, I trusted you and felt at ease the entire time! It was your incredible bedside manner and the care you gave me that made me sure that I was in the best hands. I am so grateful that you took my case and for how you spent so much time with me. You are an impressive Dr. and a very cool person! With you and your dream team checking in on me everyday, sitting down and chatting, and providing educational updates about what was next and expected, it kept me focused and calm. I admit, I sometimes narrowed in on the worst case senerio, but you wiped away my fears with logic and solutions. You, your team, and the amazing nurses and care-techs, kept me comfortable, warm, clean, well-fed, and prepared me for the long road ahead, one step at a time. Now I’m taking thousands of steps and most excited to share that as this progress continues I will be strutting down the aisle for my wedding on August 29th! Thank you again for giving me my leg and life back! I will use it to the fullest. With love, Allison Spielman & Family And Ben.

I want to thank Dr. Hackett and his team – again – for all that you have done to help get me and my knee back to doing the things that I love! I had an amazing day at XTERRA Beaver Creek last weekend, July 20th; I finished 3rd and had the second fastest run 😀 It still doesn’t seem real. I am so grateful, thank you! Maia

Our families journey to recovery is now complete. I’ve been able to get on snow the past few days and I have ZERO knee pain or issues.  For the first time in 5+ years (or as long as I can really remember) I’m skiing without any knee issues or concern and it is amazing! In addition, my son Sawyer is now getting back to his normal self after the fracture. He has rebuilt his strength and has no pain or discomfort and is starting to ski like his normal self. Your ability to fix our family is second only to the thoughtful and considered care you provided us. We will forever be in your debt. Warm Regards, Matt

I went skiing for a few runs and could not stop thanking you with my mind! My knee is well and functioning as before the injury. Skiing feels good!! The only time a feel a bit bit of discomfort is when I get on the chairlift, but nothing big. “Thats when you stop”said Eric. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great ski experience. I am back at being myself.  Thanks to you. Hope you are doing well, August.

Thank you so much for your help. I cannot thank you and Dr. Hackett and the rest of your team enough for the world-class treatment that I have received. I am forever grateful. My knee has responded very well to the injection that I had at my last appt (9/8). I experienced no pain or discomfort due to the injection an had no need for Advil after. My knee did swell a bit the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days after the injection, but the effusion has subsided since then and my knee is now feeling and looking great! I am back to running and have had no swelling or symptoms.

Following discharge from formal PT on February 14, I introduced brief running strides into my walking routine in early March and eliminated the walking intervals (just running) as of early April.  My Easter Sunday run was 8.5 miles.  My weekend (long) runs have averaged 10-12 miles since early May, and I have averaged about 30 total running miles per week.  Although the “big dogs” didn’t show up at the area races I ran this summer, I won my age group at the Hays Wild West Fest 5k on July 2, and placed 2nd overall at the Mac/Ft. Hays 10-Miler on Labor Day.  More importantly, my lower extremity stability while running (especially trail running) is exponentially better than ever.  There is no doubt in my mind some degree of left proximal hamstring tearing was present long before it fully separated from my hip in late June of 2021.  As one might expect, improved running stability also has improved my running form.  Although I still experience mild residual left hip numbness, and mild left hip aching during prolonged sitting (which I try to avoid as much as possible), I truly am symptom-free while running.  “Mild” is the key word in this context, as I have not taken pain medication for any reason since late last year. Mel

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