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The Labs

Surgical Skills Lab

As a key member of The Steadman Clinic/Steadman Philippon Research Institute MD Fellowship Program, Dr. Hackett spends much of his time teaching other orthopaedic surgeons cutting-edge surgical techniques and procedures.  The Surgical Skills Lab space allows him to not only to pass his knowledge on to others, but for him to implement novel techniques directly into his practice.  Along with teaching a different class of MD Fellows every year, Dr. Hackett also hosts multiple events throughout the year for the local community. These events are designed to educate local ski patrolmen and women in anatomy and surgical techniques, which he hopes will foster a desire for those interested in healthcare to continue to pursue medicine and create a positive change to the future of health care.

In addition, to utilizing the Surgical Skills Lab space as an educational resource, Dr. Hackett works closely with the Department of Biomedical Engineering to advance orthopaedic research. Cadaveric specimens are utilized in the lab for many surgical reconstruction and optimization research projects. The collaboration between departments at SPRI allows Dr. Hackett to maximize his efficiency; by publishing research, Dr. Hackett believes we can share our findings with other physicians and the medical community, which ultimately leads to a positive impact on patient care outside of The Steadman Clinic.

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