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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas Hackett is one of the leading providers for sports medicine and orthopedic surgery in Vail, Colorado. Dr. Hackett’s mission is to provide comprehensive orthopedic care. We specialize in knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries and conditions....read more

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Medical Expert: Griffin Should Return to 100% After Surgery

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Tom Hackett of the Steadman Clinic discusses Blake Griffin’s recovery from a meniscus tear, which will cause the NBA star to miss the Olympics in London. Watch the full video by clicking on the link below....read more

In The Media

Orthopedic Surgeon: Should Manny Pacquiao Consider Retirement?

On Sports Illustrated Now, The Steadman Clinic orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tom Hackett shares whether or not he thinks Manny Pacquiao should retire from boxing due to his shoulder injury. Watch the full video by clicking on the link below....read more

In The Media

Dr. Tom Hackett just what U.S. Snowboarding’s Olympic team ordered.

It was only 11 days after shoulder surgery when snowboarder Nate Holland raced in the Lake Louise snowboardcross World Cup competition, where he placed seventh. Two weeks later in Spain, he placed fourth. Just six weeks after the surgery,...read more

In The Media

The Long-Term Impact of Giancarlo Stanton’s Latest Injury

On Sports Illustrated Now, Steadman Clinic-Vail sports medicine specialist Dr. Tom Hackett explains how Miami Marlins out fielder Giancarlo Stanton’s broken hand could impact his career. Watch the full video by clicking on the link below. Orthopedic surgeon Dr....read more


Surgical treatments for rotator cuff tears

The shoulder joint is highly complex. It is, in fact, one of the largest and most complicated joints in the human body. As such, injuries to this region can be difficult to treat and involve a lengthy recovery period....read more

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